MCA Portfolio Cover and REndering

360 Fitness is a fitness center located on the top floor. Both Condo owners and gym members are allowed to use the gym. Members enter through the store, go through the elevator, and enter the top floor. Amenities include a lap pool, Leisure Pool, Class room, Locker rooms, gym equipment, yoga room, aerobic studios, racquetball courts, and offices.


Portal Billiards


Portal Billiards is an arcade and pool hall with a steam punk flair. Amenities include billiards equipment, snack bar, a variety of arcade games, and a LAN area.



Sweet Java Serene


Sweet Java Serene aims to be a cushy quaint coffeehouse, where people can curl up and read a book, or work on their laptops. Socialization is a key ingredient, and there is a big lounge room for exactly that.


The Towers at Greenway – Condos


The eight floors above the mall contain the Towers @ Greenway with over 50 condos. One condo plan can be viewed on the right. This condo has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a large patio, and lots of closet space.


The Kiosk Design



Workers don’t need to worry about their product with this kiosk design. When they leave; the canopies rotate flush to protect items from being stolen. Additionally, both halves of the kiosk slide and lock together to make after-hours thievery virtually impossible. During the day, the point of sales can see customers on both sides, and products and equipment are always nearby.


Exterior Renderings, Elevations, and Sections

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